PV Commercial Solar


With increasing electricity prices, the carbon tax and in the uncertain economic times now is the time you can help control some of your outgoings in your business. Invest in solar power and effectively combat your electricity costs and future electricity price rises.

The price of solar equipment has decreased over the past couple of months and with the government and service provider rebates it is now more than ever a great financial investment for businesses to install solar. Solar is an upfront cost but the payback period can be as short as 3 years and generating long term savings. Not only is solar a great financial investment for your business solar energy is the cleanest, greenest, source of renewable energy available to help power your business. Consumers will also respect the environmental responsibility you have taken as a business.

Businesses are the perfect customer for Solar power. Most businesses use their power throughout the day, during sunlight hours. By installing solar power you can harness this energy to power your business.

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