2014 Budget-Save money by being Energy Efficient

The release of the 2014 budget brings some financial pain to Australians. We need to save money where we can. Save money on your electricity bill. If you have always wanted to reduce your electricity bill now is the time to do it! Below are some ways that will benefit you financially in the future and benefit the environment also.

Solar Power- Let the sun contribute to your electricity bill. Solar Power is an effective way to reduce your power bill. The advantages of installing solar power out weigh the initial cost. You will get a return on your investment.

LED Lighting- by Changing to Led lighting you will also save significantly on your electricity bill. LED globes last up to 30,000 hours compared to only 3000 hours with a standard halogen globe. This can mean an LED globe can last between 10-15 years (based on average household usage).

Off Peak Tariff Connections- By switching your hot water, pool pump and any other hungry appliances to off peak lower cost tariffs you will save substantially.


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